Atomicorp's Delayed GotRoot Modsecurity Rules


Please note that Atomicorp no longer provides a free delayed version of its ModSecurity Rule set.

Additions and improvements made to the Atomicorp Realtime Modsecurity rule set have resulted in the Atomicorp Realtime Rule Set and the delayed rule set diverging over time. 
With this, we recommend that users of the delayed rules update their systems to the Atomicorp realtime rules in order to obtain full web application firewall protection.

Users of the delayed rules can also upgrade to Atomic Secured Linux (ASL). ASL incorporates and includes the Atomicorp Modsecurity rules and provides automatic installation and rule updating, along with numerous other protections and automations, not provided by modsecurity alone. Please see our Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) page for additional information.

For users of the delayed rule set, to ease the transition to the real time rule set or ASL, we do offer bulk quantity discounts.  Reseller program discounts are also available for hosting companies. Please contact sales at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for additional information.

Additonal information regarding the real time rules can be found here:  
Atomicorp Realtime Modsecurity Rules